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Services offered by KOBO


•Maritime Structures

- Design of Maritime Structures and integrating them with latest technology

- Design, Supply, Construction and Maintenance of Maritime Structures

- Design, Integration and Management of Technology Projects


• Navigational and Meteorological Equipment

- Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Buoys, Radar, AIS, VTS, VTMIS,

- Navigational Aids, Sea level Monitoring Systems

- Meteorological Ocean Equipment,


• Marine Environment

- Monitoring marine pollution

- Monitoring good environmental Status indicators in marine environment

- Evaluations and development of food and energy resources from marine environment

- Consultancy for Coastal developments

- Consultancy on analysis of socio economic dimensions on marine & maritime problems


System Design and Integration from concept to delivery, KOBO is able to provide a complete design service which is cost effective, innovative, technically sound and suitable for a variety of environments.


KOBO’s strategic alliances enable us put on additional expertise so we can provide the client with the best outcome possible.


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